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Hearth & Home "Fabric Wars" article features Tempotest

Hearth & Home
Manufacturing facilities in Italy for Tempotest awning, marine and casual fabrics are among the most advanced worldwide. The Tempotest Home brand for casual furniture also has the advantage of a design team that encompasses not only European styling, but also insights for the U.S. market from proven design leaders. The brand’s point of view is Italian-influenced designs styled for the American market.

With its supply chain challenges largely addressed through investments in U.S. distribution, the Tempotest team is focused on increasing brand recognition among specialty retailers. One of its greatest opportunities is to offer unique styling unlike other competitors in the U.S., a distinction that has already captured the attention of some U.S. casual furniture manufacturers. Creative minds are no doubt at work on how to create a mystique for consumers around this brand’s Italian heritage styled for Americans.

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