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Italian Flare, American Focus

Italian Flare, American Focus

Italy's heritage in textiles can be traced to the Middle Ages when artists created stunningly beautiful designs and craftsmen brought those designs to life through elegant fabrics that were in demand around the world. Global leadership in textiles remains a hallmark of the Italian economy today, driven not only by centuries-old traditions in art and fashion, but also be manufacturing technology that's among the most advanced in the world. Italy consistently rands among the world's top three textiles exporters.

Casual furniture manufacturers and specialty retailers in the U.S. are benefitting from Italy's leadership in textiles through the Tempotest Home brand of casual furniture fabrics from Parà Group, a global textiles leader for nearly 100 years. During recent years, Parà, long recognized for interior fabrics, has consistently increased its investments in the U.S. with a goal of making its Tempotest brand of performance fabrics more readily available and more competitive in America.

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