Color Story

Color and style tell your story to the world. Tempotest® provides you the widest color and pattern selection so your story is uniquely you. Our palate is your playground. For a serene and tranquil setting, explore our blue hues. Feeling confident, bold and passionate? Red is your color choice. Playful orange and yellow evoke happiness, creativity and warmth.

Tempotest allows you to express your own colorful personality– what's your color story?

Style Story

Tempotest fabrics add a touch of color, elegance and flair. Nearly a century of our Italian-designed style has resulted in a stunning collection of outdoor fabric colors and patterns from big and bold to subtle and serene, and everything in-between. Add style to your favorite land and sea locales with Tempotest®.

That's our style story, what's yours?

Dura Story

Tempotest is obsessed with covering your shade, marine and outdoor fabrics with the highest level of protection against bacteria, dust mites, fungus and rotting. Our exclusive Teflon® Extreme finish makes our fabric water/oil repellent and resistant to mold, stains, salt and UV fading. Life can be tough, but so are our fabrics.

Tempotest stands the test of weather and time – how long will your story last?

COVID-19 Update:

In these challenging times, we at TempotestUSA are reminded of what it means to be an engaged and concerned global citizen. We are committed to the health and safety of our clients and employees as well as the public. In accordance with efforts to stop the spread of the virus, our manufacturing in Italy and our Home goods distribution in the US have been suspended. However, we have an ample inventory of Awning and Marine goods that are currently available and shipping from the Miami Corporation. Our hearts are with our Tempotest family in Italy and we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Whatever your story, we can help you tell it.