Product Lines

Tempotest® Shade and Marine, and Tempotest Home® fabrics* are treated with Teflon® Extreme, which provides stain resistance, easy cleanability, and minimal maintenance.



Your outdoor living space is a place for "me time." It's a gathering spot for friends and family, your go-to locale for relaxing while keeping an eye on little ones and pets. Protect yourself and your favorite outdoor space from damaging UV rays with Tempotest® shade and outdoor fabrics that color your world and stand the test of weather and time.




You are the captain of your own destiny. Sailing the seas in your unique vessel. Cruising into various ports of call. Solution-dyed fabrics from Tempotest offer an exceptional combination of strength and functionality. Tempotest® fabrics are engineered to be strong, durable and resistant to stains, mold, weather, and fading from the sun. The finish that makes them water resistant improves the already high performance of the acrylic fiber. Thanks to the treatment with Teflon® Extreme, the results are stain resistance, easy cleanability, and minimal maintenance.




Your home is your obsession. Each room speaks to your own unique style. It's your place of refuge. Make sure your curtains, pillows, and furniture are protected from the sun’s rays and life's messes. Tempotest® is obsessed with the pursuit of perfection. We have collaborated with like-minded companies, leading to the creation of special and exclusive products that Tempotest uses to reach an unmatched level of quality. Designed for the garden, terrace, and pool, Tempotest Home® combines the resistance and performance of solution-dyed fabric with style and color. We offer a collection of more than 400 elegant and original patterns.


*Does not include Tempotest 120 in., 8 oz. curtain/drapery fabric.