Product Details for Indigo

T92 T92 Indigo
Part #/WidthT92-47 (47")
T92-60 (60")
T92-60C (60") Coated
Weight8.8 oz/yd2
9.7 oz/yd2 Coated
  • hiclean
  • confidence-in-textiles
  • teflon-extreme
  • 10 Year Warranty
T92 Indigo
T92 Indigo
Coordinating Tempotest Home Fabrics
  • Home Indigo
  • Curtain Indigo
  • Rafaello Navy
  • Home Denim
  • Lido S Block Navy
  • Aria Powder BLue
  • Temperature99
  • Solar Light Protection99
  • Protection from UV Rays - UPF50+
  • Gtote0.02
  • Gtot Class4
  • Glare Control4
  • Rendering of ColorsNA


Air pollution, smog and other kinds of particles can easily be removed from Tempotest fabrics by brushing the fabric surface with a soft brush using a solution of water and soap (two ounces of mild soap in a gallon of water no hotter than 100°F). Avoid the use of detergents; use only mild soap like Woolite or Ivory soap. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap.

Allow the fabric to dry completely in the open air. Avoid wrinkling or folding the fabric. If substances like tree resin or similar organic dirt that can support mold growth are deposited on the fabric, it is advisable to treat the fabric by gently rubbing the affected area with a solution of bleach diluted in water.

Avoid sewing threads and trims that may not be bleach resistant. Do not iron Tempotest fabrics with steam, and do not dry by using electrical devices. Store fabric in a dry and ventilated environment during the winter season.

Over time, a fabric’s water repellency will naturally diminish. To compensate for this, we advise periodically using 303 protectant or similar post-cure spray, available at most marine, awning shops, and casual furniture retailers.


  • 100% solution dyed “outdoor” acrylic fiber
  • Warp - 79 ends/inch count Ne 20/2
  • Weft - 36 picks/inch count Ne 20/2
  • Standard - 0.022”
  • Coated - 0.023”
Water Column
  • Standard > 38 cm
  • Coated > 100 cm
Roll Length
  • 47” – 65 yards
  • 60” – 55 yards


REACH Regulation. All Tempotest and Tempotest Star products comply with REACH Regulation (EC) #1907/2006 and do not contain the substances now listed in the Candidate list (SVHC) in a quantity higher than .1% by weight.
Öeko-Tex CERTIFICATION. To help protect the environment, Tempotest® has received the Öeko-Test Standard 100 certification mark. A fabric certified Öeko-Test means that it does not contain any harmful products and is in harmony with the environment.
TÜV QUALITY CERTIFICATION. UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification by the prestigious German TÜV certificatory body. This certification, obtained after passing strict controls, gives Pará a recognition of quality and prestige.